Different Aspects of Personal Injury Law

Usually referred to as tort laws, injury law refer to people that are personal injury victims due to negligent action or intentional harm by others, usually termed as defendant in a claim. However, if you thought that all injury claims resulted in compensation, you might be mistaken because there are many situations that can lead to a lawsuit. However, it is not going to result in the defendant to be proven liable for the compensation in all cases, as personal injury law covers a wide range of injuries. Some of the common aspects of such cases include:

Animal attacks: A pet owner is responsible, if the animal attacks anyone and causes injuries. As per the Tort laws in Ontario, a dog owner or other pet owners are responsible for any injury caused by their pet. Thus, whether it a severe mauling leading to disfigurement of the victim or just a small nip, the compensation amount will be fixed accordingly.

Slander/Libel: When you are talking about defamation cases, in which the reputation of an individual is damaged due to false statements made by other company/person, the victim will need to prove in the court that the defamation of character led to the financial loss and harm.

Battery/Assault: Covered under intentional tort, this is something that is never considered unintentional as the defendant deliberately harms the victim for any reasons. And it is never done due to negligence or carelessness, as the intent is to harm. Thus, as a victim you have a strong case against the defendant. Domestic violence cases are covered under this law.

Wrongful Death: Whether it is an auto accident or medical malpractice case that led to an untimely death, without any fault of the deceased, it is considered as a case fit for compensation.

Auto accident: Most of the personal injury claims are for accidents are caused due to vehicles and motorcycles. Most of the accidents are caused by people that are not following traffic and road safety rules.

Medical Malpractice: Most of these compensation claims are filed against physicians, hospitals and other healthcare practitioners that failed to provide proper treatment and facilities, which led to injuries, disabilities or even death.

In case you have been injured due to any of these reasons, it is important to consult an experienced legal firm and get the right legal representation. You deserve justice and we’ll be able to help you.