Defective Product Lawyers in Toronto

Defective Product Lawyer

A defective product injury occurs when the victim sustains an injury due to the use of a defective product. A defective product can be anything from a a cosmetic product to a defective electrical appliance. The specialized defective product lawyers at Dagaev Professional Corporation deal with injury cases that happen due to the use of such defective products. In these cases, the company that manufactured the defective product is liable to pay compensation to the victim.

The Association of Defective Product Lawyers Toronto ensures that the manufacturer, retailer or distributor of the defective product owes a standard of care towards the customer. The law ensures that every product is properly checked for its quality and performance before it is sent to the market for use by the consumers.

What are Defective Products?

Defective products are also referred to as dangerous and hazardous products. They are manufactured products or items which have either not gone through proper quality checks or something happened during processing so the quality may have been ruined. Use of such products can often harm the user resulting in a personal injury and in severe cases death.

In such instances, hiring a defective product lawyer can be very advantageous. These lawyers specialize in the laws governing the defective product acts and thus, fight for your rights.

Some examples of defective product Injuries are:

  • Injuries sustained due to use of defective gym equipment
  • Injuries sustained due to use of defective electrical devices
  • Incidents of food poisoning due to consumption of defective food products Injuries sustained to children due to use of defective toys.

The Canadian government and laws have set a standard for product standardization which needs to be followed by the manufacturers and other relevant parties.

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Our lawyers also ensure that a legal notice is issued to the manufacturer to follow the safety and standardization guidelines for any product manufactured by them, so that such instances do not happen in the future. We take every step to ensure that any accused party does not get unnoticed by the law and also that no victim is left without the deserved compensation.