Long Term Disability Lawyer In Toronto

Long term Disability Lawyers

In Canada, most of the employers offer long term disability insurance to their employees as a part of their cost. Of course, the employee has to go through a complete medical checkup and also fulfill other requirements as per the insurance company and also the organizations group health policy manual. Registering with these benefits becomes all the more important. Unfortunately in most of the cases, the employers reject the benefits sought, in spite of a confirmation from the medical physician that the employee is unfit to get back to the job.

Thus, disability insurance is an integral part of any employees’ employment contract. It is also very important that the employer offers safe and healthy working conditions. Employees that are denied the eligible benefits should seek the help of Toronto disability lawyers to ensure that they get the legal benefits as per their insurance policy.

These lawyers are of immense help if you have been denied any benefits by the association of Disability Insurance Canada. The best disability lawyers Toronto has to offer, have a clear understanding of the Canadian Law and thus they represent the case within all the legal boundaries and acts that relate to such cases.

Long Term Disability Insurance Canada Act

Statistics show that more than 30% of the employees or workers in the age group of 25-65 years generally get partially injured at some point in their life due to some of the unhealthy work conditions. These people are usually unable to continue working for long periods of time due to accidents at the work place. Some people have to go on long term disability and have to leave their job if declared medically unfit to work.

In such instances, the injured party needs to be given financial assistance, which is the only source of their income and support for their families. Thus the disability lawyers in Canada ensure that such cases are represented lawfully and due justice is given. These experienced lawyers make sure that the victim is given sufficient amount of compensation which takes care of their short or long term absence from work (in case of long term or permanent disability). The amount of compensation is usually sufficient for the victim and their family to sustain a healthy living.

If you have suffered from partial or long term disability due to the unhealthy and unsafe work conditions, our specialist lawyers can help you claim all these benefits. We always ensure that you get the compensation you deserve as per the insurance policy of your organization.