Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer In Toronto

Motorcycle riders are the most vulnerable drivers on our streets. Every year thousands of riders get injured in accidents that cause the rider serious long-term injuries. In the majority of those cases the rider is hit by a much heavier truck or car, and the accident is of no fault of their own.

In Ontario, motorcycle accident victims have the same rights as any other occupant of a motor vehicle involved in an accident. Your own insurer is obligated to pay No-Fault Accident Benefits that includes income replacement, attendant care costs, rehabilitation expenses and possibly housekeeping/care giving costs. There are time limits to when you can apply for accident benefits. Ontario laws determine which benefits are payable. Various levels of benefits are accessible to motorcycle injury victims, depending upon the type of injury and impairments the motorcycle rider has sustained. Insurers often deny motorcycle accident victims benefits at some point during the process, limiting the victim’s rights to benefits that are important to their recovery. Our motorcycle accident lawyers will make the insurer accountable in paying every dollar of the benefits that are needed for your recovery.

The process is complex and requires careful analysis by a motorcycle accident lawyer that specializes in this field. You are entitled to claim compensation from the person responsible for the collision if you are not fully responsible for the accident. If you were involved in a hit and run there are various ways to get compensation for the motorcycle accident victim.

An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer is needed to evaluate the situation to obtain the maximum compensation possible for the victim. In Ontario, motorcycle accident victims who suffer serious and permanent injuries can recover damages that compensates them for pain and suffering, their past and future lost income, their future care, home maintenance costs and care giving costs. Even if the injuries are not permanent, you are still eligible to claim for the majority of damages. Our motorcycle accident lawyers can help you analyze the type of compensation your are entitled too and fight to get you maximum compensation for your injuries.

There are strict deadlines for when you must start your claim. Starting the process as early as possible gives the victim an advantage as it allows the victim to claim per-judgment interest and allows the legal team to properly build evidence for the insurance company to get the motorcycle accident victim the maximum compensation possible. Assessing the nuances of each case requires an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer, one that specializes in the field of personal injury litigation.

Our personal injury lawyers don’t just dabble in this area of law, we represent hundreds of motorcycle accident victims every year helping them achieve physical recovery by arranging treatment with some of the best rehabilitation teams in Toronto and helping them obtain the maximum compensation possible.