Personal Injury Lawyer Scarborough

Our Scarborough personal injury lawyers help victims win compensation for the injuries incurred due to accidents. Our lawyers treat every client equally irrespective of their social status. Since we have a very high track record of winning cases and awarding compensation to the victims, we work on contingency. Meaning we get paid only if the case is won.

Many people in Scarborough are unaware of their basic rights to compensation when they are injured in an accident. Scarborough personal injury lawyers help you deal with this complex process. The entire process of compensation can be very tiring, as it involves many parties such as insurance companies, product manufacturers, law enforcement and government at the local, provincial or federal level. The personal injury lawyers in Scarborough successfully pursue such cases and help in preserving the rights of the victim.

The best personal injury lawyer Scarborough has to offer will treat each client with utmost dignity and respect, regardless of their personal situation and/or economic background. These lawyers generally have more than 20 years of experience in their respective fields and have represented more than 1500 clients with over 100 million in settlement claims. Thus, through their expertise, they guide the victim through the complex legal process of seeking justice with prompt, aggressive and focused representation.

The Scarborough personal injury lawyers ensure to protect their clients and help fight for their legal rights. These lawyers are of immense help in cases of Auto Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Bicycle Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents, Wrongful Death Claims, Hit and Run Accidents, Trucking Accidents, Dog Bites as well as Slip and Fall cases.

Dagaev Professional Corporation provides free consultation, thus clients can talk directly to an experienced injury lawyer about their case. These injury lawyers have the expertise needed to accurately assess and evaluate a claim, which also includes, handling all calls, paperwork and negotiations with insurance companies and other parties involved. The lawyers also help in securing a fair compensation for the victim, including medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

The lawyers are committed towards helping the client and victims throughout every stage of the process, and ensure that while dealing with the case, the victim is also made aware of their rights for compensation. Many times, they also help the victim find qualified healthcare providers to provide treatment for the injuries and also deal with the lost wages to ensure that during absence from employment, the victim gets enough compensation to take care of their financial and economic needs.

Often times, the victim is not able to visit the lawyer’s office, therefore we provide home visits, wherein the lawyer visits the victim at their home as per the victim’s convenient time. The beauty is we do not charge the client any fees unless the case is won. This shows our confidence as well as commitment towards customer satisfaction.

Personal injury lawyers are of utmost help while dealing with personal injury cases and claims. They provide immediate guidance and support to the victims.