At Dagaev Professional Corporation we offer full support for injury claims and also an extensive range of services for personal injuries as well as illness. Our experts ensure that they give you high quality injury claims expertise, which always ensure that you get the legal benefits and claims to recover all your losses. Our specialist personal injury lawyers in Toronto always handle your case with extreme care and support you in every way they can. We specialize in a wide range of injury claims which are tailored to the Canadian Legal system and refer to all the clauses under the Canadian law.

Our Range of Services:

Personal Injury Claims

Our personal injury lawyers in Toronto cater to all segments and all clients, irrespective of their social status. We provide specialized services related to personal injury claims and always ensure that the client’s needs are given priority. Our personal injury lawyers deal with cases of injuries incurred or illness suffered in public places, work place, road, or any social gathering due to the fault of others. Our lawyers fully assess the case and after a detailed analysis give you their specialized legal advice addressing your individual situation.

Serious & Fatal Injury Claims

At Dagaev Professional Corporation, we have a team of specialist personal injury lawyers in Toronto, who are specialized in handling serious injuries and fatal accidents. Our lawyers practice with utmost professionalism while dealing with any case and also take care of the sensitivity of our esteemed clients. We understand the delicateness of such a situation and thus ensure that maximum attention to detail is provided to the victim’s case. Our specialist team always ensures that the case is properly assessed and you get your legal rights in a justified manner.

Industrial Accidents and Illness Claims

Our team of lawyers dealing with industrial accidents and illness claims specialize in handling claims for workplace injuries. We aim at improving the standards of work as well as working conditions. Through our years of experience in the field we have mastered the understanding of working conditions and the reasons for workplace injuries. Thus we always ensure that the employers follow proper standards for health and safety at the workplace.

Road Traffic Accident Claims

Our team always help you get the maximum compensation for your claim when you have been injured in a road traffic accident. Irrespective of your status during the accident, whether you were a driver, a passenger or a pedestrian or any other third party who has been injured in the road accident, we ensure full assessment of your case and work hard towards winning your compensation claim.

No Win, No Fee

We offer a zero fee service to you, if we fail to win your case. That means if you have lost your case in court, you will not be charged anything from our side.

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