Slip & Fall Lawyers In Toronto

When you are on private or public property and have sustained injuries as a result of the hazardous conditions due to the negligence on the owner’s part in maintaining the property, the owner’s insurance is responsible to compensate you for your injury. This is also applicable when the property belongs to a municipality, a person staying in the rented premises, or a privately occupied building. The person renting out the property is responsible for proper maintenance. If there is an accident or injury due to the conditions, their insurance may be liable to pay the compensation to the injured victim. The Canadian law allows 7 days to report such cases to enable the victim to claim compensation.

These injuries are known as slip and fall and are a part of personal injury. A specialized slip & fall injury lawyer deals with these cases and fights for the injured victim’s rights. Such injuries incur when the victim falls as a result of the dangerous and unsafe conditions on someone’s property. Some examples of such injuries include slips and fall on snow or ice at someone’s doorstep, unsafe sidewalks or stairwells,or poor lighting conditions.

Slip and Fall Lawyers

If you have been a victim of any slip and fall cases and have sustained injuries, we are there to help you at our best. Here is a list of injuries in which case you should get the best slip and fall lawyers Toronto has to offer:

  • Use of Unsafe Handrails
  • Improper or Dim Lighting
  • Unmarked Wet Floors or Work in Progress
  • Misplaced Bumpers and Damaged Parts of Vehicles on Roads or Parking Lots
  • Unrepaired Staircases and Floors
  • Unleveled Surfaces
  • Torn Off Carpets
  • Materials or Utensils Lying on The Floor Etc

Apart from the above, other situations causing a slip and fall injury can include wounds due to accidental gunshots, fire and explosions on the premises due to negligence etc.

The best specialized slip and fall lawyers Toronto has to offer can help you claim long term disability claims, medical expenses, loss of wages/salary, and other expenses or losses due to the injury.

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