Wrongful Death Lawyer In Toronto

Wrongful Death Lawyers

An accident can leave you devastated. This can happen if you lose a loved one. Often in such cases, the loss cannot be recovered by any monetary compensation and thus most of the people deter filing a lawsuit for the unexpected death. In such cases the best Wrongful Death Lawyers Toronto has to offer come forward to help the victimized family and help them get the necessary rehabilitation to recover.

The monetary claims for such losses consist of funeral costs, expenses for grief counseling, loss of income and financial support due to the loss of the earning member of the family, loss of care, loss of guidance and companionship. As part of the association of Wrongful Death Attorney Toronto we help the victimized family claim these compensations and many others, which they deserve. Of course they also understand that any monetary compensation is not sufficient to recover the loss of a loved one. But through our dedicated efforts we ensure that the victimized family gets the lawful compensation which helps them during rehabilitation and resettlement.

How we help?

In contrast to other cases where the victim directly files a lawsuit for compensation them self, in wrongful death cases the victim’s family or the immediate survivors are required to file the lawsuit.

In earlier years, the law prohibited any survivor to claim for compensation from the accused, for the death of the victim. But the recent amendments in the acts and laws have introduced the clause to protect the victim’s family rights even after the wrongful death of the victim. Today, all the provinces in Canada are covered by law and thus, people are eligible to claim for wrongful death claims.

A wrongful death claim is eligible in any of the following instances:

  • The death was caused due to the mis-conduct of the accused.
  • The death was caused due to the negligence of the accused party.
  • The deceased victim has family or dependents
  • The deceased victim was the earning member of the family and their death has caused financial loss to the family as their source of earning is lost.

In such cases, we help the victim’s family by assessing the whole case in depth and analyzing the circumstances that lead to the wrongful death of the victim. After a detailed analysis we take the statement of witnesses to strengthen the case. We follow every process to prepare the whole case in a lawful manner to be represented in court and ensure that we win the case.